Reflections from a new foster parent

So much has happened in the last fifteen days. I took my first placement on 04/16/2021 very late at night. The two brothers, seven and twelve. It has been very challenging but we have all survived so far. I believe things are beginning to turn a corner. Please pray for these boys, their parents, and me as we continue on this journey. They are worth it!

I have already learned a lot about children from hard places as well as challenges foster parents face. I see the pain in the children. I see their anger and their deep sadness. I see that they miss their parents terribly and even their pets. I see that they mourn because they can’t even tell their friends where they are. I see their anger. At present, it may be anger at being awakened in the middle of the night to be taken to who-knows-where, where they will be placed in a strange house with who-knows-who, not knowing if they will ever return home. And I see their frustration at having absolutely no control over anything. I see their anxiety and note their triggers. I see their sheer terror that can erupt in the eyes of a seven-year-old when he hears “If you boys don’t stop fighting, I’m going to have to separate you” – suddenly realizing that, in his mind, “separate” means tear you apart from your brother! I understand just a taste now of the frustration of not being able to help. I know the incredibly strong desire to find the key that will help mend their hearts. I see. I know now. I know.