Programs: Pearl's Hope

Keeping children and mothers together through educational, professional, and spiritual support.

Circle of Care understands that too many single mothers lack the critical financial, educational, and familial resources required to secure and maintain housing on their own. They need gifts of time and a helping hand while they stabilize their finances and remove housing barriers. This is why we started Pearl’s Hope Transitional Living Program. Pearl’s Hope serves women who are working to improve their lives and the lives of their children after intervention by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Many Pearl’s Hope clients are working towards successful reunification with their children and receive housing and support for up to 24 months while they work to address the barriers that prevent them from living a successful, healthy life in the community.

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Pearl’s Hope serves women in Oklahoma who have lost custody of their children to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) and are working with the agency to correct the conditions which lead their children to be seen unsafe and to regain custody of their children. 

Although Pearl’s Hope does not serve fathers, women without children, or mothers who have lost custody in any manner other than by OKDHS custody, there are many resources available to help. Please contact 2-1-1 for a list of these services.

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