We're here to support mothers and families through the reunification process.

We want to end the need for foster care. Part of the solution is helping parents heal so their children may return home to them. At Pearl's Hope, we help mothers who have lost custody of their children through educational, financial, and spiritual guidance.


About The Program

Pearl's Hope is a transitional living program, where moms are provided temporary housing and support while they work towards reunification and address the barriers that prevent them from living a successful, healthy life in their community.

Who We Serve

  Women with children
  Lost custody to Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  Working towards reunification with OK-DHS
Willing to correct the living conditions that lead to intervention

How We Help

 Housing (up to 24 months)
 Financial Resources
  Educational Classes
Bible Study

Program Goals

The goal of Pearl's Hope is to promote healthy, stable lives for mothers and their children. By working the program, we hope clients result in the following:

 Reunification with their child/children
 Stable Housing
 Stable Employment and Income
Emergency Fund
Reliable Transportation
 Spiritual Wellness

Ongoing Support

After graduating Pearl's Hope, clients enter a one-year After Care Program. This program provides mother's an external support system many Pearl's Hope clients originally lacked. We hope all moms who graduate Pearl's Hope succeeds, which is why we remain a resource for them following graduation in the event that extra support is needed.

Additional Resources

Although Pearl’s Hope does not serve fathers, women without children, or mothers who have lost custody in any manner other than by OKDHS custody, there are many resources available to help. Please contact 2-1-1 for a list of these services.


Contact Us

We would love for you to connect with us for more information regarding Pearl's Hope.

How To Help

If you're wanting to help our current Pearl's Hope clients, please consider making a donation.