We're here to support young adults as they age out of the foster system.

Our PAL program bridges the gap between foster care and adulthood, equipping our youth with the necessary tools and skills to launch a successful future.


About The Program

Exiting foster care without a support system can lead to challenges in adult life. Statistics show that this transitional period is met with increased rates of teen pregnancy, incarceration, and homelessness. The PAL program seeks to bridge this gap by empowering those aging out of the foster system through educational, financial, and spiritual resources.

Who We Serve

  Youths ages 18-24 years old
  Aged-out of foster care
  Seeking to complete educational goals
Seeking to complete career goals

How We Help

 Transportation Assistance
 Educational Assistance
  Financial Assistance
Clothing Assistance

Your Impact

When you donate to the PAL program, your support will ensure that needs for students are met. Whether it’s new shoes and a uniform for work, hygiene products, or school supplies — your donation helps students succeed.

Contact Us

We would love for you to connect with us for more information regarding our PAL program.

How To Help

If you're wanting to help our PAL program youths, please consider making a donation.