We're here to support you through every aspect of foster parenting.

You can transform a life by providing a safe and loving home for a child in crisis. We can help you along the way. As a faith-based agency, Circle of Care partners with churches and families throughout Oklahoma to recruit, train, and provide ongoing support to foster parents.


How We Help

We have a contract through DHS to provide these services throughout the state, all at no cost to you.


✓  Paperwork Assistance
✓  Home Study
✓  Training
✓  Financial Assistance

Who Can Foster

  Responsible, mature, healthy
  At least 21 years of age with stable living arrangements
  In healthy relationships, whether single, married, or divorced
Able to meet the emotional and medical needs of a young child
Able to manage personal and household financial needs

Training & Certification

 Home study
 Background check
27 hours of training
CPR/First Aid certification

Ongoing Support

Once you are approved by DHS to be a foster parent and children are placed in your home, Circle of Care will continue to provide support. Our foster parents remain foster parents because they have an entire community of care. From our team, you can expect:

 A welcome basket when a child arrives at your home
 Monthly support group meetings with other foster parents
 A free co-op that contains clothing, toys, and other care items
Clothing allotment (reimbursement)
Financial support for community activities
 Paid respite care

Why Reunification?

We believe in reunification. Circle of Care prays that any parent who has to go through the pain of having a child removed from their home will get to experience the joy of their return. It is our mission that the families and children who experience foster care with our agency will feel the respect and support that is needed to rebuild and strengthen their homes, which we promote through our Pearl's Hope and Parent to Parent programs. Foster parents play a critical role in providing a safe and loving haven for children as they transition to or from their families.

Human to human encouragement is key to our success in life. Now think about the biological parent whose had their kid removed. That has to be the lowest of lows. Who is there to encourage them? In recent years the church has had a heightened awareness in regards to supporting foster parents. Could they also wrap around biological parents? Think about it - if the church truly rallied around a bio family and provided support and encouragement, how many families could we see reunified in our communities? ”  - Keith Howard, CEO of Circle of Care

Laura's Bravery



Laura has been a professional foster parent for 28 years. During these years, she has always had at least one child in her home.  At times, she’s had as many as 12. The children drive Laura’s generosity, “I love the kids and there are always lots of kids in need.” This has led Laura to provide a loving home to around 150 kids in total.

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