Next Steps: Church Resources

Churches in Oklahoma are a crucial partner in Circle of Care's mission. For over 100 years, the United Methodist Church has played an integral role in the creation and function of Circle of Care.

Today, we invite all churches to join us in our mission to heal broken families across the state!

One way you can support the mission of Circle of Care is to invite us into your congregation to share our work with you!

Our staff can:

  • Share a short mission moment during your worship service
  • Lead a panel discussion or recruitment meeting for foster care
  • Preach a sermon related to Circle of Care’s work and impact
  • Teach Sunday School
A group of young women bow their heads and pray with bibles.

You can use any of the materials on this page for your church services!


If you would like a download copy of one of our videos to use in your service, please contact Jason Grewe at

If you would like donation envelopes you can email us at with the number of envelopes needed.

Connect with us

If your church is ready to get involved and join #TeamCircleofCare, connect with us! Contact our Faith and Community Engagement Coordinator, Jason Grewe, at 918-859-8886 or