Circle of Care collaborate with local non-profit Flourish Homes Inc.

Tulsa, Okla. — Two Tulsa area non-profits have joined forces to continue serving single women, mothers and their children. Flourish Homes was looking for a new residence during the first stages of COVID-19 and Circle of Care was looking to help provide space for a local non-profit who had a like-minded mission and focus. The conversation led to the decision to utilize a cottage on the Circle of Care campus for Flourish Homes program.

Flourish Homes aims to serve single homeless women ages 18-25 while Circle of Care’s Pearl’s Hope Transitional Living program is focused on single mothers of any age and their children. Through this collaboration, the two non-profits aspire to increase the impact they are making in the lives of women of all ages.

Flourish Homes was incorporated in 2013 while Beth Reinwald, Executive Director of Flourish Homes, was serving at an outreach on 68th and Peoria. She met a vulnerable young woman who ended up moving in with her. A team of friends wrapped around her in support and people began to encourage Beth to do this on a greater scale leading to Flourish Homes, Inc.

“The collaboration has been helpful in finding a location that was set up for transitional living programs, as zoning laws can make it difficult to find other locations within the community”, stated Reinwald, “The space on this campus was ready to go.” Circle of Care’s CEO, Keith Howard, states “Our heart is to multiply impact in the lives of the vulnerable and we realize partnership and collaboration is the appropriate and most efficient way to do just that.”

Flourish Homes’ program duration depends on individual needs, “Some young woman may come in the program and still need to finish High School or a GED program which is a minimum requirement of successful adulthood. We would work on pursuing trade school and/or further education and jobs so they can support themselves”, stated Reinwald. The goal is to serve eight clients once fully operational, which could be as soon as late September.

Flourish Homes can be reached by going to or by calling (918) 924-5541.

Circle of Care has been committed to providing help, healing and hope in the lives of children and families across Oklahoma since 1917.  To contact them or learn more about the organization go to, or contact them by phone at, 918-583-9506.