Ground Breaking Pottawatomi County

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Contact: Sarah Steffes
Cell 405-215-1400

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For Immediate Release

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(Shawnee, OK) Siblings from abuse and neglect situations often have a unique and deep bond with each other. Unfortunately, foster children in sibling sets of 3 or more have only a 65% chance of staying together in foster care. For older children who act as a parent to their younger siblings, separating them is like separating a parent from their child, a deeply traumatic experience.

Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care and the Avedis Foundation are partnering to keep siblings together in Pottawatomi County. Circle of Care recruits, trains and supports foster parents statewide. The Avedis Foundation makes strategic investments to address complex community issues. A site near Hardesty and Rock Creek Roads has been secured to build two large custom residential homes that can accommodate up to six children each and their foster parents.

The public is invited to a groundbreaking ceremony at the new home site Friday, February 1, 2019, at 12:00 p.m. across from the Rock Creek Baptist Church on Hardesty Road. A reception will immediately follow at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church located at 310 N. Beard Ave. in Shawnee. Guests will celebrate the beginning of two new foster homes and the ending of unnecessary trauma for foster siblings in Pottawatomie County.

For information about this project, contact Sarah Steffes, VP of Development for Circle of Care (405) 215-1400. Donations are appreciated and can be made online at or mailed to Circle of Care, 1501 NW 24th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106.

Circle of Care’s mission is to provide help, healing and hope to children and families in crisis to ensure a safe, healthy and spiritual future.

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