Fall 2014 Ambassador Update

Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to introduce myself as your new point of contact for the Ambassador Program with Circle of Care.  Thank you so much for your leadership through this role and I look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead!

There are some extremely exciting things happening with Circle of Care as we continue to serve more children and families in crisis in Oklahoma.  There are a few specific things I want you to share with you about what’s going on with the agency.  And there are a few things you can do today to help achieve our Mission.

First, Circle of Care’s website is undergoing major reconstruction.  By mid-October, the work should be done and I’ll invite you to visit the new circleofcare.org.  We’re transitioning from an older system that was clunky to a new nimble system that should facilitate improved communication.  This website should help us share what we do and make it easier for all of us to share our mission with the community.

Second, Circle of Care’s work is expanding into new parts of the state.  Our contract to provide foster care services has made it possible for the agency to hire new staff to support foster homes in Grove, Shawnee, and several other communities Oklahoma.  There was an article in the Contact recently (published September 19th) that described these efforts.  A generous family in Shawnee challenged Circle of Care’s supporters to match his gift.  The gifts that resulted from this successful campaign created enough funding to hire four foster parent recruiter trainers who will support new foster homes.

Third, there will be a Friends of Children banquet on April 17th in Oklahoma City AND Tulsa.  More details on this event will be forthcoming, but we wanted to give you this information now so you can save the date on your calendar.

There are a few things you can do today that will help us achieve our mission!

First, please go to www.facebook.com/okumcircleofcare.  We are posting on this page at least once a week with information you want to hear.  You will find event announcements, client testimonials, and information on new staff.  Information will often be placed here first, so please go to our page, “like” it, and share this page with your family, friends, Sunday school class, and church.

Second, if you have never had a staff member come to your church and tell our story, please give me a call!  We would love to visit you and say thanks for your support!  Our staff can come and give a “mission moment,” preach a sermon, or teach Sunday School.  Please contact me and let me know what you’d like to do!

Last, but most importantly, if your church has never had a meeting about Foster Parent recruitment, please consider doing so.  The number of children in foster homes has increased 50% since 2010 and the state needs loving homes to take care of kids in crisis.  There are a variety of creative ways we can share information and answer questions.  Please contact me if this is something your church is interested in doing and I can help you coordinate that effort.

If, by chance, you are receiving this letter and you are not your organization’s Ambassador or Mission Chair, please share this letter with your pastor and let me know and we will update your church’s record.

Thank you again for your leadership!  I hope we have a chance to meet soon!

-Mike Slack

Director of Development

Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care