• Stephanie Valencia’s Story

    Stephanie Valencia share's part of her story in the Preparation for Adult Living program.

  • Jose’s Story

    Jose Valencia share's part of his story in the Preparation for Adult Living program.

  • A Servant Leader

    After graduating high school, Tasha attended a Bible college for a year before returning home to Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  She tried to make it on her own as a waitress but was barely making ends meet.  When her car broke down, the short commute to work became a 20 minute walk...

  • Believe in Second Chances

    Chris can’t remember a time before foster care.  “I couldn’t even count the number of homes I’ve stayed in,” he shares.  Growing up in the foster care system is stressful because it lacks stability.  He frequently moved from house to house.  Sometimes he’d stay with his step-dad, other family, and...

  • Standing in the Gap for Tasha

    LaTasha Atcity speaks about how she experienced the love of God through the PAL program at the United Methodist Children’s Home in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  LaTasha gave her testimony during the mother’s day service at Church of the Servant in Oklahoma City.

  • It Only Goes Up From Here

    The thought of living in her car with her three kids drove Gwenita into the care of Pearl’s Hope.  “The downfall started with the divorce,” she shared.  Gwenita is a single mother with 3 children.  Her ex-husband did not work so there was little financial support.  Despite her degree in...

  • You’re Braver Than You Think

    Laura has been a professional foster parent for 28 years.  During these years, she has always had at least one child in her home.  At times, she’s had as many as 12. All told, Laura has fostered around 150 kids.  And she’s not afraid of taking the tough kids and...